Vivimmune develops localized immunotherapies

The recent success of immunotherapies has been somewhat tempered by the small subset of patients that respond to therapy as well as their associated toxicities. Our strategy builds upon existing immunotherapies by coupling immune-activating molecules (cytokines) with a delivery strategy that anchors the cytokines at the tumor site. This allows for the application of high concentrations of cytokines within the tumor while limiting immune related toxicities. Our technology centers around attaching cytokines to chitosan.



  • Large polymer soluble in mild acids
  • Can be combined with cytokines without damaging them
  • Gels in vivo to control release


  • Immune system communication molecules
  • Naturally work in a paracrine basis
  • Can polarize immune response
  • Often toxic or unstable if given systemically

Advantages of our technology

  • Limits immune activation to tumor site and local lymph nodes
  • Minimal systemic toxicity
  • Tumor acts as endogenous source of antigen
  • Generates poly-clonal, multivalent response to limit tumor escape
  • Potential to be used in combination with existing immunotherapies

Example mechanism for our lead molecule VI-003